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    HOUSING INSPECTION FOR IMMIGRATION APPLICATION FORM What type of property inspection would you like? Physical - Onsite inspection Virtual property Inspection Details of person to whom the housing inspection report letter should be sent (ie “the sponsor”): Sponsor Address Sponsor Telephone Number Sponsor Email Address Immigrant Full name Immigrant Date of Birth Full names of any other immigrants and their D.O.B What relation are proposed immigrant(s) to “the sponsor”: Type of visa application Choose an option arrow&v Country applicants will be arriving from (If entry clearance application) Full address of property to be inspected Who will live at this property? (NB Include all occupants and their D.O.B) What best describes your property? Homeowner Privately Rented Owned By Family Rented From Council/Social Housing If privately rented, do you have a valid Gas Safe Certificate and EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)? Choose an option arrow&v Would you like a referral for a no obligation consultation with a partner immigration advisor? Choose Options arrow&v Scheduled Date Of Appointment Property Inspection Time Enter Agreed Price For The Property Inspection (Qoutation Amount) £ I have provided the correct information and agree to the terms & conditions View terms of use Go to Checkout Thanks for submitting!

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    To see this working, head to your live site. Categories All Posts My Posts Immigration Forum Welcome! Have a look around and join the discussions. Create New Post Immigration Discussion Share your immigration journey Views Posts 3 Follow Questions & Answers Get answers and share knowledge. Views Posts 0 Follow Immigration Timeline Only submit date of online submission, biometrics, further information requested if any and visa decision Views Posts 1 Follow New Posts jamal9100 6นาที spouse visa Immigration Timeline Type of visa applying for: Spouse Visa Completed online application: June 20th Uploaded documents: June 27th Booked biometric's appointment: July 14th Country: India Visa decision: Waiting 0 comments 0 0 pinkypowers07 1ชั่วโมง Ghana Immigration Discussion I applied for my wife to come to uk sponsor visa 6 months ago and still nothing... I applied in February has anybody else applied around then? I am also concerned about my accommodation, I live with friends but have my own bedroom, i did not get a property inspection, should i have got one? 1 comment 1 0 wazim000 6ชั่วโมง Welcome to the immigration and visa forum Immigration Discussion Share your thoughts. Feel free to add GIFs, videos, hashtags and more to your posts and comments. Get started by commenting below. 0 comments 0 0 Forum - Frameless

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    Guidance For Online Property Inspection Report Our online property inspection reports are accepted by UKVI and replicate the physical inspection as much as possible. We charge a fixed rate of £99 for this type of report. The stages involved are as follows: ​ 1. Consultation with us ​ 2. Booking Form & Payment ​ 3. Enter data relating to your property ie occupancy and dimensions of the property via an online portal (My Property Inspection) . If you feel you may struggle with taking dimensions we can recommend a laser measuring device and this can be posted out to you (subject to an additional fee). ​ 4. Upload required documents through the Property Inspection portal if you are renting. This will include the Tenancy Agreement and Gas Safety Certificate. ​ 5. Email pictures of the property to booking@visa-property-inspection.com . These pictures may include the following: ​ The external facade of the property Picture of living room/dining room and bedrooms Smoke alarms ​ The photos are for the assessor to determine if there are any health and safety risks. They may not necessarily be used in the actual report. ​ 6. If considered necessary by the assessor an appointment will be arranged for a virtual inspection. This will be undertaken via a video call. You will provide the assessor with a walking tour of the house using your phone during a video call. The assessor needs to be confident there are no health and safety concerns. ​ Measuring the Room We are seeking approximate dimensions of the rooms. Although, it may come as second nature to our surveyors we appreciate this maybe difficult if you have not done it before. Please see video below as a guide. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Background Checks The assessor will conduct background checks on the property utilising public databases if required. ​ Alternative Form Alternatively, if you are having problems completing the online portal to submit the information you are able to use the word document attached below. ​ Immigration_Inspection Form.docx

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