Independent Accommodation Report

Home Office guidance stipulates an Independent Accommodation Report should be obtained. The guidance also implies a physical visit must be carried out by a qualified person and the assessor should ensure the accommodation will not become overcrowded within the definition of the Housing Act 1985 and there are no public health contraventions. 

For the success of your visa application and to satisfy the accommodation standards. It is imperative customers seek the services of a genuine company whose qualified person will make a personal visit and conduct a thorough assessment that withstand scrutiny by UKVI.


All assessors at Scientific Services Group Ltd wear an official ID which can be checked by the client. Our qualified environmental property assessors physically visit the property and provide a well-written report to UKVI which is recognised. 

Our experienced property inspectors are ready to provide property inspection reports throughout northern England, Please call us on 07920383548 or complete online form.