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Guidance For Online Property Inspection Report

Our online property inspection reports are accepted by UKVI and replicate the physical inspection as much as possible. Our price for an online report starts from £99. The stages involved are as follows:

1. Consultation is required with us. Please note in areas where we are able to offer you a physical inspection at a comparable price we will not provide an online inspection report.


Our remote inspections are suitable if you are  currently a sole occupant. If there are multiple people living at the property, the physical property inspection is recommended.

2. Prior to the inspection you can check the maximum number of people that can live in your house by using our interactive mobile overcrowding calculator. This is to be used as a guide only. Alternatively, you can use our more detailed desktop overcrowding calculator if you are working on a laptop.

3. Provide information relating to your property ie occupancy and dimensions of the property via an online portal (My Property Inspection). Or download the booking form and send the completed copy back to us.


4. Email Tenancy Agreement and Gas Safety Certificate if you are renting to

5. Email us pictures of the property. These pictures may include the following:

  • The external facade of the property

  • Picture of living room/dining room and bedrooms

  • Smoke alarms/Carbon Monoxide detectors


6. If the assessor is satisfied with the information provided, we will ask you to make the payment via the link below:

Measuring the Room

We are seeking approximate dimensions of the rooms. Although, it may come as second nature to our surveyors we appreciate this maybe difficult if you have not done it before. Please see video below as a guide. You only need to provide approximate dimensions.

Background Checks

The assessor will conduct background checks on the property utilising public databases if required.

Alternative Form

Alternatively, if you are having problems completing the online portal to submit the information you are able to use the word document attached below.


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